Sunday, June 17, 2007

Inspired? - not so much

While away on vacation, three scrap related magazines came in the mail. So i should be really excited and going through them, and loving all the wonderful pages. but nope. not so much.

So this is my question - is it me, or is the industry hitting a stall? have we reached the pinnacle of scrapbookdom? Have all the ideas been found, and all the new ways to put photos on paper discovered? have i seen it all???? wow, that didn't take long. i hope not.

Anyway, inspiration is not me lately. I have been scrapping , but truth be told - they are quickies. Did you Ever do a scrap quickie? i don't do a lot of embellishing, and yes, i fake it. i use maps. lol.

So while you're here, to entertain me and whoever else may be interested, tell me what you think - are you bored with the examples du jour? where do you go, what do you do to get your mojo going?