Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What are you doing Friday?

I'll be scrapping something! Take a look at the National Scrapbooking Day crop going on over at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking!!! What great sponsors they've got too!

Come check it out!!!

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A Fun Baby Gift

Tomorrow night I'm going to a little get together and we're celebrating one of our group who is expecting a little baby boy! So I wanted to do something cute and fun and (to maintain my image) a little crafty. So take a look at the cute diaper cake I put together! How fun is that!

There are a lot of these online, just search for diaper cakes. I found it quite easy. And because i have three girls, i even had way more than enough little hairbands to go around all the diapers. :-)

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Little girls love fairies

I just finished up an after school class I was giving for some Kindergarten and First grade girls. Last week we decorated a gift bag with flowers and butterflies. This week, we made the frames you see below.

It was really fun. I got the fairy image from a free clip art site, and then took pictures of each of the girls. I drew out grassy hills and clouds for them to tear. Then we added flowers and butterflies and lots of gems.

We also made some cute tissue paper flowers. I don't have a pic of these, but basically you cut several layers of circles of colored tissue paper. put a brad in the middle, then crinkle. a lot. they loved doing those too. some pipe cleaner stems and we were good to go!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Gettin Girly

Can i just say... sometimes having girls is a lot of fun. I love making flowery pages and using lace and polka dots and girly colors. (Sometimes having girls is not fun, but thats for another time).

Below I used some new Prima Shabby Chic paper, and to accent the page i made some paper flowers.

To make these flowers, I tore some pages out of an old book my mom graciously kept for me for many years. It's nice and yellowed at this point, and I (most ungraciously) now rip the pages out of it to make scrapbook stuff. I think thats green though, so I am cool for today.

  • I drew a four-leaf clover shape for this flower, doubled up the pages and cut them out
  • then sprayed liberally with Glimmer Mist
  • I dried with my heat gun, then wadded each flower into a ball.
  • Unroll them, and layer as you like
  • then roll up the edges or scrunch them together towards the middle.

Below is a new technique i haven't tried before. I just picked up some velvet leaves. They come in a pack of um, a lot. Not sure how many. I thought I'd try dyeing them with my re-inkers since those are pretty easy to work with.

  • drop a little bit of ink onto a large plastic scrap or paper plate
  • I used a water brush to pick up the color, squeezed out quite a bit of water to get the brush pretty wet, then brushed it on the leaf
  • I was surprised at how the ink faded out from the orginal color, i think you'd have to use a lot of ink to get a more intense color
  • let dry (heat gun again)
  • attach with glue dots

Finally here is a third type of flower. I saw this done in one of the scrap mags, don't remember which one. but its really easy. actually easier if you work with large size flowers. as you do smaller flowers the paper doesn't want to stay together.

  • cut a long strip of paper - i think this one was probably 4x9
  • pleat-fold the paper
  • bring the ends around and fasten together with one end becoming the center (i just stapled them because as the blog name implies, I am all about just getting the thing done...)
  • I had to cut a smaller circle and glue the middle down on the back, because the center wanted to keep popping up.
  • embellish center

Let me see if you go and make any of these. Share your links!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Somew new layouts

I've got a couple new pages to post after a lovely spring break.
The most recent is this spring layout, inspired by a challenge at Let's Scrap!. I used GCD's Homespun Chic line designed by Melody Ross, i love the bright colors and the embossed designs.

I wanted to add a little dimension but didn't really want to cover up the pretty paper, so using my craft knife, I cut around the flowers, slid the border underneath, then popped them up with some foam dots.

Next is a series of photos i've been wanting to scrap for a while. I love how many photos i got on two pages. However, this took a bit of photoshopping to get all these shots to the right size. Probably i could have just cut down 4x6 photos but i like to do it digitally before i print.

This is from a Let's Scrap sketch again. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Dresses

I know it won't last much longer, where i can talk the girls into wearing pretty dresses in coordinating colors. It's still a goal. we took these on Easter weekend, they don't know it, but i still want to get a real photo shoot in and do some close-ups. maybe the next sunny weekend. wink ;-_

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