Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This is what happens

the Internet is addicting isn't it?

I mean to check 1 thing, but as soon as I sit at the computer, I fall into my bad habits of going to about 5 different sites, and I usually forget what brought me there in the first place.

Here's what happens when i stop to check my email. An hour later, i'm still there... I took a picture of this - it's old but the story hasn't changed. This is what happens when the kids are being kept busy while mommy "works" online.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Kentucky Scrappin!

My online group got together in Kentucky!

I feel like these girls are friends i've known forever, but in truth I haven't met most of them more than once, some I'd never seen in real life before! Yet it was like a reunion.

And it was soooo fun. We were in the middle of horse country at Baxter House Bed and Breakfast. We were spoiled and over fed and given the run of the place. We took it over definitely. Here' a picture of all the stuff. I'm looking at the picture, and it doesn't reflect the total mess we made, spreading all of our stuff everywhere.

I'll post some of the things I worked on in the next post. think mini albums.
i forget who mentioned that they ought to take up scrapbooking so they can justify going away for a crop. but they should! ha.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Good Stuff

I got a box today. husband asks - what came today?

and I of course answer him - scrapbook stuff.

and daughter#1 quips in - why did you even ask that? of course its scrapbook stuff.

and husband gets all defensive and says to her - well i was hoping to get more of a description than just scrapbook stuff. so what is in there? (notice how we all already know its scrapbook stuff)

And i can't really remember whats in the box. I know I really wanted it though. So i answer him that there is paper and ribbon and stuff in there. That should hold him off for a bit. and its a no-brainer (duh!) that there is paper and ribbon in there. but he would never appreciate the finer subtleties of Junkitz verse 7Gypsies. so we just say paper.

and now that we've mentioned the elephant in the room (the box), we can go on. husband can feel he's done his part and talked about what interests me, and we can both continue our little denial game. and not have to worry again about this little problem mommy has of boxes showing up, and paper and ribbons being collected.

so for my new friends on my new craft blog - here is a peek inside the box. good stuff.