Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are you CRYING?! There's No Crying In Baseball!

I used this quote for the last Karen Foster week at SBO. In our family, we dont play baseball, but we do cry. Lots. For all kinds of reasons. And it makes me think of the frustration Tom Hanks felt when he was coaching in A League of Their Own, and he thought he could yell at the girls and they would do better. But lets be honest. Girls do better when you tell them they're doing great. And of course, their sister is not laying on their hair.

Here is the shot I took and later came to love. I was trying to pose the girls for a fun shot, showing them all goofy and having a good time.
And that lasted about 10 seconds.
Then we had adversity.
Ever have one of those photo shoots?

The journaling says about the same thing i just wrote above. I think i'll always like this page, because most of the time, i don't get to take pictures of one of the girls crying. lol.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I got to play with some Pebbles Inc paint for the last SBO newsletter.

And i really like paint, so i kept going. i just made some cute brads that I hope to use on some cards. my list of things to make is getting kind of long, but if i've got a list, i've got a chance of actually doing them.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fun with Ribbon and Paint

For the latest Newsletter at ScrapbookerOnline.com the design team got to do projects with ribbon. Wow, they came out really great and I love everyone's work. You need to see them! I just love Strano ribbon - beautiful wide ribbon!

Here are a couple of mine -

the Star card is from WorldWin Crafty Creations. I love those shapes and that they are out of craft card stock.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Challenge!

I'm offering a fun challenge at SBO this month - check it out ->here<-.
and what else have i been doing you ask,
not blogging you say.

i so want to be one of those fun blogs that has new and beautiful crafty things each day. but it looks like once a month is gonna be the trend for now. You can see my pages in my gallery - lots of fun stuff coming in the next SBO newsletter!

I did quickly sew a scrappers seat storage thingy for our DT display at Scrapbook Corner.
Sometime in April is earth day - so we all recycled. And i recycled a pair of jeans. Other ideas were to make a gift bottle out of a 1Ltr soda bottle, a gift box made from a recycled Frappucino container, and a very cute newspaper set of fun things for a kids party. I am going to make that hat Shannon!