Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are you CRYING?! There's No Crying In Baseball!

I used this quote for the last Karen Foster week at SBO. In our family, we dont play baseball, but we do cry. Lots. For all kinds of reasons. And it makes me think of the frustration Tom Hanks felt when he was coaching in A League of Their Own, and he thought he could yell at the girls and they would do better. But lets be honest. Girls do better when you tell them they're doing great. And of course, their sister is not laying on their hair.

Here is the shot I took and later came to love. I was trying to pose the girls for a fun shot, showing them all goofy and having a good time.
And that lasted about 10 seconds.
Then we had adversity.
Ever have one of those photo shoots?

The journaling says about the same thing i just wrote above. I think i'll always like this page, because most of the time, i don't get to take pictures of one of the girls crying. lol.

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  1. I loved this LO when I saw it in the gallery!