Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Productive Weekend!

My girlfriend Kristy over at KT Crafts was running a weekend crop and i got motivated and really got some pages done! The number of Disney photos i want to scrap is a little overwhelming, but doing some during a crop seems fun and so I dipped into the box and pulled these out. I like the idea of journaling a lot on one page and then having lots of photos on the following pages.

And you'll be seeing a lot of this Scenic Route line on layouts to come. Why?

I bought it twice. Yeh, I really love it. You'd think that would mean I would remember buying it? No, it seems that what it means is that I knew I really really wanted it. :-)

But these 2 pages, I love them! Nuffing cracks me up because I hear it everyday and I still love how she says it.

And dh had a rough day. I saw this picture of him and knew he needed to be imortalized for the fabulous father he is.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Last Scrapper Standing


hee hee. these dares push you to do something really different. not because they are extremely difficult but i think because they are a bit edgy in their own artwork and they inspire others to be a little edgy too. And I am so completely Not edgy. i'm like a powder puff edgy. but i am at least inspired to do something different and have fun. so...

here's the first dare -

use 8 transparent things on your scrapbook page.
and i used all stuff i had in my stash for a couple years. thats a good thing too.

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And I made it to round 2, so here is my newest attempt, we were to scrap about 7 random things. fun to think about, and it gave me an excuse to play in a format i would never use on a "real" page. ;-)