Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Productive Weekend!

My girlfriend Kristy over at KT Crafts was running a weekend crop and i got motivated and really got some pages done! The number of Disney photos i want to scrap is a little overwhelming, but doing some during a crop seems fun and so I dipped into the box and pulled these out. I like the idea of journaling a lot on one page and then having lots of photos on the following pages.

And you'll be seeing a lot of this Scenic Route line on layouts to come. Why?

I bought it twice. Yeh, I really love it. You'd think that would mean I would remember buying it? No, it seems that what it means is that I knew I really really wanted it. :-)

But these 2 pages, I love them! Nuffing cracks me up because I hear it everyday and I still love how she says it.

And dh had a rough day. I saw this picture of him and knew he needed to be imortalized for the fabulous father he is.

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