Friday, April 24, 2009

Where have i been?

i got a part time job in the evenings.
and isn't it ironic that now i have a little cash to spend, but even if i buy something i'll have no time to use it.

well, thats not entirely true. I have a couple pages to be posted soon, and my motivation is coming back - it was just waiting on spring i guess.

We got my garden beds ready for planting today, and Claire and i went ahead and put in the cabbage she was given at school, and we planted some carrots and beets and snap peas. Lots more peas than the other stuff. its so much fun waiting on those little sprouts to pop up and start growing. can't wait! pictures soon.

in the mean time here is a little gift bag I made for an online crop. how can you not be happy when you see green polka dot ribbon!

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One Two Buckle My Shoe

A little challenge in honor of my 5 year old, who loves rhyming poems right now.
Choose a number from 1-5 and then go below and find out what color your number is assigned to.

then create something using that color and link me up. Just a simple thing to do this weekend because I need some motivation and thought maybe my friends do to. :-)

Here's Princess Deter - this was a layout done some time ago at Creatively Yours. I still love it. This was done with My Little Shoebox papers. very fun colors.

Your color choices are...

1.... Blue




5....Red or Turquoise, your choice

OK, get going!!!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easter prep

several days ago (sigh) we had beautiful weather and i talked the girls into putting on their Easter dresses and doing some photos for me. It was the wrong time of day, but it was the only time we had, so i grabbed the camera and took some shots.

And so the last couple days i've been photo shopping them because they needed some adjustments due to the bright sun. Here's one that i think came out really pretty. I used Dave Jasik's Midnight Sepia action on it, then framed it with a Katie Pertiet floral frame.

The scrapping will have to come later. I'll keep you posted.
While we wait, here's a page I just had posted at Creatively Yours -

thanks for looking!

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