Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ScrapbookerOnline is clearing out! is closing its doors and MaryFrances wanted us to let you know that everything in the store is 50% off.

I don't like talking about this and i'm in denial about the store closing, but there it is - buy all that good stuff for a great price. SBO carries really current product and lots of things to embellish, so please go check it out!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Assembly Required

or S.A.R. is having a challenge for the month of November to decorate a notebook with the words Thankful on the front somewhere.

Here's mine and I am hoping we will all get to write something in it that we are thankful for.

Each year I want to bring it out at Thanksgiving/Christmas time and update it with something we are thankful for that year. What a fun way to remember your blessings and look back over the years. :-)

Holiday Gift Ideas

These jars came out so really cute! I got the idea from a post at Scrapperie, and I just love that they were simple to get supplies for, and easy to assemble.

All you need:
some christmas paper
white craft paint
hot glue
clay pots with dishes (smallish)
glass bowls with a lip at the top (i got these and the pots at Michaels for $1 each)

Just paint the pots, decorate with paper, glue bowls to the pots, then add felt to the inside of the clay pot dish so it doesn't make that annoying scrapey noise when you set the lid down on the glass.

I'm going to fill mine with red cherry jelly balls - one of my favorite Christmas candy to set out. But i haven't bought any yet because I would probably just eat all the candy and have to go buy more.

This was such a cute Idea - it was posted over at Scrapperie in a holiday gift thread.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Come and Get 'Em!

I finally had some time to work on kits for Our Creative Outlet!

I have two 1-pager kits available - a somewhat Thanksgiving inspired page you see directly below, and a somewhat Christmas inspired page all the way down. There are two kits available and then actual pages will sell for the same price when the kits are sold. So get them while they're hot! The two-pager below also has 2 kits available and the sample will sell when the kits are gone.

Be sure to come in and check out our very wonderful little space in Logan Village Mall!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scrapbook Corner, I'll Always Love You...

When we moved to Indiana, I was a little lonely and lost. And then, one day after dropping dd off at preschool, I stopped in to nose around Scrapbook Corner. And it was awesome, and - they were having a design team try-out. I had never done anything like that before in my life, but with no friends and lots of time on my hands, i had nothing to lose.
And they let me be on their design team! And from there I grew to love Mandy, the owner, and I made some great friends, and wow, I thought I was addicted to scrapbooking, but really, I didn't know what that meant until after joining this place.
So now, four years later.
I am so sad.
Because it is closing.
Times are hard, gas and lunch come before stickers and paper, and I think they decided its just not worth trying to wait out the economy.
And Mandy has wonderful children that she will actually get to spend time with.
Good for her, I know she'll be so glad.
But I will really really miss coming in and seeing all the happy scrapping people at SBC. I'll miss seeing the terrifically talented friends from the design team, and I'll miss the view of rows of paper racks and all the embellishments loading the walls.
I've eaten some chocolate and I think I'll be OK in a minute. But for the long haul, there is no cure. I'll always love my little scrapbook home. Thanks everyone there who made it such a joy.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Creatively Yours GDT!

I'm so happy to spill the beans! I was chosen as a guest designer for Creativly Yours sketch blog for the month of December. How exciting!

Here's the sketch we were assigned for the try-out, and below that is my submission.

Can't wait to get started over there. I love working with sketches!