Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Gift Ideas

These jars came out so really cute! I got the idea from a post at Scrapperie, and I just love that they were simple to get supplies for, and easy to assemble.

All you need:
some christmas paper
white craft paint
hot glue
clay pots with dishes (smallish)
glass bowls with a lip at the top (i got these and the pots at Michaels for $1 each)

Just paint the pots, decorate with paper, glue bowls to the pots, then add felt to the inside of the clay pot dish so it doesn't make that annoying scrapey noise when you set the lid down on the glass.

I'm going to fill mine with red cherry jelly balls - one of my favorite Christmas candy to set out. But i haven't bought any yet because I would probably just eat all the candy and have to go buy more.

This was such a cute Idea - it was posted over at Scrapperie in a holiday gift thread.

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