Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Fun Baby Gift

Tomorrow night I'm going to a little get together and we're celebrating one of our group who is expecting a little baby boy! So I wanted to do something cute and fun and (to maintain my image) a little crafty. So take a look at the cute diaper cake I put together! How fun is that!

There are a lot of these online, just search for diaper cakes. I found it quite easy. And because i have three girls, i even had way more than enough little hairbands to go around all the diapers. :-)

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  1. Looks great! I'm not seeing the hairbands in the photos. Are they what hold the diapers together (i.e., curled up like that?).

  2. i used the little clear bands to hold the diapers in a roll. then a large regular rubber band to hold the whole circle together. thanks for looking!!!

  3. oh this is gorgeous Beth!