Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Get Ready for Cookin

Each year when school starts i go through what can only be described as Organization Frenzy. I start a whole bunch of new routines, I make lists, and generally work myself into a real state. then after about a month, i collapse and stop wherever i fall. so this year, in my effort to better myself and save money and be more efficient, yada yada yada... I made this really cute little notebook/organizer for the kitchen. It holds my coupons, has a grocery list place, and even a pocket for new recipes I want to try. All i do is grab it on my way out the door to the grocery. Lovely! I used October Afternoon papers, i really love these colors.

Stay tuned for more - as I have also created a really cool Camping Journal that holds pictures of us camping as well as notes about the campground sites and things we like to do at each place.

What else can I make a book for?????


  1. This is great Beth! Can't wait to see the camping journal.

  2. This is so cute! What a great idea! Give us an update once you start using it about anything you'd add!