Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pringle cans into Cookie Gifts

I just love how these came out!
I made these cookie "tins" from Pringles cans - and they were so easy to do. Plus, they are lined, so the grease from the cookies doesn't soak through and leave marks on the paper.

As I said they were so easy -
here's how:

  1. wash and dry the cans
  2. cut 12x12 paper to size so that it slighly overlaps
  3. Mod Podge the paper and then press firmly until the paper sticks to the can.
  4. Set aside and let dry for a while - you can start on the lid while you wait.
  5. using a template, outline an oval on the opposite side from your paper seam.
  6. cut out using craft knife
  7. Cut a larger square piece of transparency and adhere it to the inside of the can. I used Zip Dry glue and it worked great.
  8. Add embellishments. I used Zip Dry again - that stuff really sticks and it will hold the seams together for a long time. I've found tape adhesive usually pulls apart after a while.

(you could probably change the order of the steps and add the transparency to the outside of the can, under the paper. I decided it was hard to cut the circle twice so that's why i chose this method.)

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  1. Amazing idea to make wonderful gifts!! Thanks for the tutorial... I will try this!!