Monday, August 3, 2009

Hey look! I found my camera!

Oh if only that were the reason I have nothing to post. I do have stuff to post, i have not taken any pictures though.

I did take this one below - because i am proud that i think i've fully rediscovered my roots. I've now sewed, gardened, and even canned (as in preserved) green beans. And all for the darling children so they will have roots too. Even though they hate the roots, and complain the whole time I'm making them grow them. ha. I am also planning to refinish a bed. That should be the whole meal deal, because i can't think of anything else mom used to do while raising 4 kids and taking care of the inside and the outside of the house while also feeding dad and visiting 4 grandmothers. Seriously - how did they get that all done?

Here are my beans. I think they will be good.

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  1. Oh, the beans look awesome Beth. I am sure they will be super yummy.

  2. I have no idea how you fit everything in Beth!
    How are the beans?