Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Photo Fun

Yesterday was gorgeous, so after school i ran the girls over to the park and we did a photo shoot. Each fall we do this, because i love the colors of fall. And each year we get some good shots i just love. This year, i decided I wanted to do some Photoshopping on my favorite shots. I am into adding textures, and its amazing how much depth you can digitally add to a photo.
Here is the original,

Here is the edited version, I used the blending mode to add a colored texture, and then framed it with a black grunge frame.

And another shot... I love the golden color here -

but look what happens when you give it a little bump with a brown paper bag texture -

I learned all this from Jessica Sprague's free class this summer. If you've got Photoshop and haven't learned how to use blending modes, put it on your list of things to do. So much fun!!!

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  1. Beth, I really love how you give us the techniques under each of your photos.
    Gee the girls are growing up!

    I just love your Christmas gift ideas!

    Shell x