Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nerves and some great pajamas

We are participating in 4-H sewing this year. Claire made pajama pants with a faced waistband. They came out so cute and she wanted to wear them right away. i had to tell her that they will be on a hanger until sometime after the fair. not long now.

Jillian made pajama pants too. they came out so cute. green polka dot with white buttons. When she did her walk for the judges she said her legs were shaking. poor sweety. she did forget to make her turn when she started but i don't think that was a big deal. the judges were so nice and encouraging. I was sooo proud of both these girls.

Judging took about an hour until we got through the line. We find out what they got on Friday night of the fair, when they will model their outfits for an audience, and the winners will be announced. So exciting!

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