Thursday, September 13, 2007

In My Dreams

This post is dedicated to Mary Frances Fabbri, owner of Scrapbookeronline, and world renown vacuumer. As far as I can tell, this picture will probably make her swoon right at her computer.

My own dh has vacuumed for me a couple times, but only because i am not home at the time and somebody is coming over before i get home or something.

The thought of someone vacuuming for the pure love of it - thats MFF's territory.

Now for the crafter part...
Do you know any men that would forego a football game to hang out at a scrapbooking show? And would you choose to go with a dude, instead of a scrapbooking sista? thats the question. :-)


  1. I'll take both bachelors, thank you. Vacuum AND go to craft shows? I'm in heaven. MF is probably on the floor right now!!

  2. Swooning as I read. Ya BABY!!!

    Now, I must get off the floor. The longer I stay here the more dirt I see. Where is that vacuum!!