Friday, September 14, 2007


Ever watch Ocean's 11? When the bomb guy is telling them they're in Barney. and they look at each other like "huh?" and he says Barney... RUBBLE! and still they look, "huh?" TROUBLE!

DH just did this to me last night. We were laughing because thats one of our favorite lines - but he asked (with a mouth full of food) -
blahsomethingblah you booked?
and i said, "huh?"
Did you book?
did you make some scrapbook pages?
after how many years, he still doesn't know the right words. come 'on Steve. I SCRAPPED. But YAY! I DID!

We were given 2 lines of Reminisce to play with at Scrapbook Corner, and its been so absolutely fun! I don't know that a couple of these are magazine level - oh thats right, mine never have been anyway, :lol: but what i'm thrilled about is getting some of these pages done and ready for an album.

so here's a good question - i tend to work with current photos for most of my pages. but not in chronological order. So i'll have mostly 2007 photos on pages this year. but generally they are not sequenced by month or anything. How should I keep my pages, so they don't fall apart? I hate tearng apart albums and re-filling the pages. Maybe a box?

Here are the pages! some will be up at the store - hope they inspire.


  1. Beth those are awesome lo's! How timely! YAY for you scrapping! I miss you work. :(

  2. Oooh, I love the brown one the best! Hope I get to see these in person at the store. :)

  3. Great job! Love the colors of the Reminisce!