Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy March!

In honor of me missing an entire month on this blog, i thought i'd stop in and finally figure out how to add a slide show. shew. i've been busy and honestly just avoiding posting anything other than the bare necessities.

We just had a totally amazing weekend at ScrapbookerOnline.com. Its the 3rd anniversary there, and I love it more now than ever. We had lots of challenges and games and prizes. I'm digging stuff out for RAKs today. Here's a page i did for Adora's challenge - we had to cut 1 pic into 3 pcs. i loved that effect - every entry was amazing.

And here's a fun little project i did for the [Some] Assembly Required blog challenge -

the challenge for February was to alter an cigar box. gee, that at least got rid of one of those things sitting around in our bedroom and garage. maybe i should do several and Etsy them. yeh. in my spare time. ha.

well then, until April! ok, i hope to be back. maybe i'll add something interesting and unexpected. i'll have to think what that might be.

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  1. Love your box!!! LOL, you should etsy some! Totally cool and fun fresh colors!