Monday, February 9, 2009

Hang on to your Hats! Maybe button them down... heh heh

So I got inspired to make some fun button flowers. And sometimes I get a little Obsessive Compulsive about things like this... I think that's why I like scrapbooking, I can hide my OCD tendencies by calling them my stash...

Anyway, look at the buttons I made! It was very fun and since it was a sewing weekend, I also made some felt birds. But I think I'll save those for another day, since this is already a lot of pictures to ask you to look at. :-)

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  1. Shut-up Beth!! These are cuter than cute! Love the corrugated cb ones especially!

  2. I LOVE your variety! These turned out great. I like the inked edges too.

  3. Holy Crap-o-la! These are fantastic. Ok, I want one of each....ok????

  4. WOAH NELLY!! These are FABULOUS!