Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy almost Valentines Day!
I used a 40% coupon at M's to buy their Friendly Forest stamps, and the frog really needed to be on a valentine. He's cute, isn't he? He's embossed because right now I have to emboss everything or it doesn't look finished to me. And I have also justified keeping that KI epoxy valentine square for 3 years because i really like it on this card. ha. At least I finally used it!
Behind that is a K&Co tag, and some GCD patterned paper.

Anyway, my scrap desk is a mess and I can't do anything creative now until i clean it.
So, sadly... i haven't been doing anything.
I'm not sure how long this can go on. I miss making stuff. How long have you let the mess pile up on your scrap surface before you had to break down and clean it?

And seriously, don't tell me thats all part of the creative process. Because I choose to say I don't think so. And if I could force one of my children to clean up my stuff I would do it. And only feel a little sorry. because its their memories dang it.

(yes that was sarcasm, i'm really not as mean as all that.) lol.
but if the Valentine fairy would come and clean up for me, that would be a perfect day...
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  1. Super cute card and froggie! And I'll come and clean up your mess...I LOVE cleaning up my messy desk! :)

  2. I just saw that stamp at Ms this week. Very cute and I love that you embossed him.