Monday, February 2, 2009

I love making cards!

Again, that is...
Before Christmas I was having so much fun making cards, then i hit the wall and couldn't even face them. But my card hero Jan just challenged us to make some at ScrapbookerOnline, and it was my buddy Carolyn's birthday, and my Bible study buddy just had a baby boy... so I had inspiration and motivation all at the same time. The planets aligned, and I did make some cards. ha.

Seriously I made a couple I love and actually submitted. So here are the "real" ones that I mean to even put a stamp on and mail!
So without further ado...

Happy Birthday Carolyn!

Happy Birthday Daryl!

Happy Birthday Kris!

And congratulations Sonia!

Stay tuned for more... Use Your Stash has a challenge coming up in 3 days (the 5th of each month) and I did a couple fun ones for that too!
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  1. Those are really cute, Beth!
    And I think I know Daryl.. Did she work at Scrapbook Corner for a while? She was my favorite gal there!