Monday, November 16, 2009

Being Intentional about Christmas

I just finished up the craft classes I was leading at my house. And what a great feeling to have several hand-made gifts finished, on the shelf, ready to be given at my whim.

Are you intentional about how you do Christmas? Each year I have such grand ideas of how we will celebrate, and each year, the busy-ness of the season somehow gets the better of me. By the time school is out for the holiday, I am ready to crash.

So I just signed up for Jessica Sprague's Holidays In Hand class, and the first thing she wants us to do is identify our values and goals for Christmas. Oh, like I don't have enough stress making a simple shopping list! Seriously though, I do have values I would like to emphasize over Christmas with the kids, and so taking some time to jot down those values has got to do some good.

Her thought starters include

and many more... I'm going to think about these and be back. Join me - what are the things you want to be doing more of this Christmas. Or less of...

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  1. I just signed up for this class too. I haven't done the assignments yet, only signed up but that's a start right? LOL