Sunday, November 8, 2009

Old Town tour

I just got back from a trip to Chicago with some of my BFF's - we did a Food Planet Tour, and had such a great time trecking through The Gold Coast, Old Town and a little view of Lincoln Park.

Here are some fun shots i've thrown together tonight, reminiscing...

This is Old Town Oil. I tried some Blood Orange oil combined with Lemon vinegar, some Jalapeno White Pepper vinegar and others, but I ended up bringing home Tangerine balsamic vinegar. Its like a flavor bomb goes off in your mouth. yum. can't wait to make some salad now, add some pomegranite and walnuts... hungry? come on over!

The Spice House - wow i wish i could have bottled the smell in here. Just full of aroma, and taster bottles, sprinkle some in your hand and sample. just wonderful.

One of the fun things I picked up here was some Saigon Cassia Cinnamon. You know those red cinnamon candies that make your tongue tingle? now i've got it in a shaker. I am such a happy girl. :-)

I have some class projects to show off - i hope to post some photos of our beautiful creations in the next day or so. Can't wait to show you!

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  1. Beth, your trip sounded fantastic. I would have loved the spice store for sure. The oil place sound really neat. I have never heard of something like that.