Monday, January 26, 2009

A couple monthly challenges

Here are two pages I just posted over at Scrapbooker Online.

We're going to be running fun challenges each weekend and then have some ongoing challenges to try for the month. Check it out - we also are doing a Page Of the Week - POW. It could be you!

The page above was Rachels Color Challenge. I love blue and green, and adding grey was a great twist.

This was Rachels Shopping challenge - pick some items off the shopping list and make a page. Update the list with items you have in your stash for someone else to use. Very fun idea!

And I have to admit, I didn't think I would ever use this polka-dot Petaloo flower. I used the others in a project long ago, and this one jumps out at me every time I open my yellow/orange drawer. So now its got a home and i'm happy with it.

Have you used something old from your stash lately? Now is the time, CHA has some really awesome things coming!

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  1. I just love all those elements on your second layout. You have such a nack for putting them all together.