Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Year in Review

Its a bit overwhelming.
I confess I don't like putting pages into books.
And now I have decided I need to do it.
So here are the piles.

I've filled the rest of Claires album, need another.
I've filled the rest of Jillian's album, need... yep.

I have more of DeAnne than the other two. So...

And then there are the many pages that document the rest of our year.

Its really fun going through the pages. Not so much the stuffing into plastic, trimming of edges, finding of lost letters. And the thing i hate the most - changing out those horrible posts. Why does Costco not sell ring binder albums.

Well, the girls will have a blast going through all their pages now. We'll probably have the albums out for a couple months enjoying seeing all of them in a final form.

So Yay for me - first New Years Resolution started!!!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on getting that done, I know that was probably a major undertaking.

    I have mine in albums but they aren't in order.. Which is something that bugs me, LOL. But I'm not a chronological scrapper so until I'm officially DONE with my sons first few years, they will stay the way they are.

    I have converted over to the Making Memories Paperie 3 ring albums. LOVE THEM!!!