Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tagged :-)

Carolyn Lontin says my blog is Fabulous and I think her blog is Fabulous, and you should go check it out! You should also check out the other girls on her list because they are also very fabulous.

So, my assignment is to list 5 addictions, and then list 5 friends whose blogs I love.
addictions are pretty easy...
1. Internet
2. coffee
3. chocolate
4. scrapbooking (without 1 & 2, I have no motivation for this one)
5. reading

And now, my Fabby Awards go to :
1. Shannon - she just started blogging and i hope this will let her know how cool and awesome I think she is, and that I'm so glad she's joined the dark side.
2. Corey
3. Patrizzia
4. Celeste
5. Debbie

Stay tuned this week, i have 2 more projects to post using up most of my Scrapperie kit. boo hoo, i'm gonna miss that DT spot. Did you see Sandi is taking apps for GDT spots though?!

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